Message from Sunita Dugar, one one of "The Three Traveling Divas” who drove their car from from Kanyakumari to Kashmir in 2015.

Just found the time to go through your site sir. I'm just through reading only the first introductory page and could not wait to tell you how much I enjoyed your style of writing,and the whole standard that you set for yourself to live. In every line and every word I can't agree with you any less,other than the fact. I felt like someone is reading my mind and saying my viewpoint in life. It would be wrong to compare myself to you . All I want to say is I’m just totally impressed and I can’t wait to read more on that blog. It really made my day. Thankyou

Just read the biodegradable data and wondering this was the person who messaged me a few days ago. Sir you are an example and epitome of humbleness. A role model indeed! I’m just overwhelmed reading your story.

Sunita Dugar

Mahesh Sriram, my travel buddy and very, very close friend has posted this on FB on 15 Aug 2015 at 5.30pm. I am honored!

President Abdul Kalams words.. Extracts from Sajan Pals facebook post.. He said, “Children need to take care of their parents. It is sad that sometimes this is not happening”. He paused and said, “Two things. Elders must also do. Never leave wealth at your deathbed – that leaves a fighting family". And the same words repeated by my friend Ejji K. Umamahesh over and over again.. I'll remember this.

I had a call from a very good friend of many years. He told me that he and his wife asked their two teenage sons, "If it comes to both us parents leaving you boys to stay with someone, whom would you like to stay with". Both the boys simultaneously answered, "With Ejji, of course". The parents were a little surprised but decided to ask the boys the reason. Said the boys in unison, "He is the only person we have met, who treats us as his equal".

This my dear readers, is the best tribute I have ever been paid in my entire lifetime, though whether I really deserve this compliment is highly debatable! 


A very touching mail I received from a good friend whose father (again an old friend of mine), had been diagnosed with cancer just a few hours ago. Read the last line of this mail!!! It humbles me.


Just completed a long solo session with Dad. I am happy I made him understand that all of us will die one day and just that his time frames are  pre announced. But also there are more important things to be done which needs his more complete attention, cheer, wholesome participation  and decisions from his side. He ate well after that and discussed with me and we listed out  most important things to do immediately.

(Deleted to preserve anonymity for the sender of this mail)

  1. Host a party to all his friends make an announcement and let them know his plans and future.

    I think this made him happy and he  walked out cheerfully saying let's implement everything. 

    I too am taking this very equanimously.. With a sense of reality and a challenge to dealing with what's to come up... 

    You and Buddha are my inspiration. 



(Deleted to preserve anonymity for the sender of this mail)

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 A mail from a friend who changed his whole life after reading my article "Enoughness of Money".

Dearest Brother Ejji,

Its almost 4 months since I have taken up this new life. Initially i thought i am forcing myself to find something which i was not sure of. From a businessman's  role, to the role of a lecturer, teaching basics in Marketing and Brand management. I was in the hospital for almost 2 months, doing a voluntary service, counselling  cardiac patients and some one who saw me counselling, suggested that Ishould teach the management students and here I am in my new role.

I am in total bliss and for the first time ever I am able to switch off my cell phone and use the cell phone for my convenience and not for others to call me. 

 The article " Enoughness  of Money " had given me encouragement during my transition,especially not  knowing if I had taken the right decision. 

" Mental peace is about so much more than money. A "healthy bottom line" does not equate with a healthy and abundant state of mind." 

" Life is more holistic in its scope, the entire issue being the quality of life, and not simply financial goals. It assumes an innate order in life, one that we as individuals realize as we fulfill our inborn desires other than making money and living up with the Joneses. It further assumes that the world we live in, the world we grow out of, is a real one."

The above are quotes from your article that made me understand that only one thing money can possibly give is  'Hygiene", and to have good hygiene you don't need too much of that money. 

Looking forward to meet you when I am in Chennai and thank you for all your support and guidance.

Name withheld to peserve identity.

Sms on 27th Oct. 2013 from a lady I have never met who lives in Delhi.

Hi Ejji.. jst went thru ur website.. ur life is an inspiration... I wsh I cud have "lived" like u did. Regards.......

 E mail from a friend from Canada who I met a few days ago.

 A note of appreciation from a friend from Facebook!

SidDhant Raghav
How Long Can it take for Someone to Inspire you??
it took me Some 3-5 Mins of reading through his Website and His Magic was onn!!
Was Reading through Ejji K. Umamahesh Sir's Website i can't explain in Words,How Good and inspired i felt just after reading JUST the INTRO Part of his Website.
‪#‎Respect from the Bottom of My Heart.
i felt privileged that We have People Like You in OUr Motorsports..!!!

Kandappah Appu                                                                             

Jun 14 (2 days ago)




to ejji

Dear Ejji,

I saw the photo-gallery and other attachments. Your versatility is fascinating. If there is a campaign for non-ostentatious weddings I will join in - because in "trying to keep up with the Joneses" I have seen many families getting into debt and the accompanying misery and tension they endure. I agree with some of your unusual positions - while disagreeing with others. The world, and many of its customs, have to change with the times. One of my favourites is GBS’s  “You see things and say Why. But I dream of things that never were and I say Why not? GBS, of course, was talking of conservatives in mind. Of men like you it cannot said, In the words of the Bard did "when he dies he will die without having lived"

With warm regards

AKPS. Forgive the spacing. I am poor at this PC mechanism) 

A mail from a friend who now lives in the US. His father was from a small village in Tamilnadu and worked his way up to be the Deputy Managing Director of a world renown tyre company. He has told me how he used to take private tuitions in his small village and nearest town to finance his own education. His children are all doing extremely well in the US.


I just visited your personal web page and was so impressed with the story of your life. If I had had half your courage, I would have abandoned the traditional path to success, and been a far happier person. Children are greatly influenced by their parents, and my father was adamant in seeing his sons do well in exams and be conventionally successful. One reason I admired VPR was his willingness to defy convention. When I was about 10, we went for a picnic near Pillar Rock. My right hand was injured, and so I started eating with my left hand. A relative upbraided me. VPR was aghast at the complaint, and stood up for me. He ate the rest of his meal with his left hand, and I was not bothered any more. I wish I had known him better. Your photographs of VPR brought back many fond memories. When we were growing up, your brother Ravi was held up as an example to us. By my parents - your parents, who I knew to some extent, were not as constrained by convention as mine. Today, if my father were alive, I think he would hold you up as a model for my kids. I admire your determination to make your own path, and your success in doing so against all the odds. 

Here is one from my very, very close friends Ananth whom I have known for .......? Can't remember how many years. Ananth comes from a well known "Madras Mylapore Family". Have known his wife Rani and her family in Bombay too since 1968. I am honored to have Ananth post this on FB:

Chittur Ananth "Ejji is an old friend of my family. A no - nonsense guy. Brutally frank. Lived life the way he wished, not caring a damn of others. Very principled. Had his heart system tinkered and welded many a time, but heart stays pure as ever. Admire him participating in inter country drives. Long live Ejji. Cheers."


Mahesh Sriram
03 March 2016· Chennai , on his 50th birthday. 

If there is one person I am thinking about and should think about if I have any sense or purpose in my life at the instance when I am rolling over to 50 it has to be my friend Ejji K. Umamahesh cause his voice keeps reverberating at this special moment in my life.. As early as possible you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth. Something like art, travel or simply doing nothing and watching the world pass by.. And he has not only walked his talk but also guided, helped, nurtured and assisted many of us to peal off from the mundane.. fortunately or unfortunately for me, life been interesting, works been interesting making it very difficult to draw the line between mundane and passion. Ejji. Wish me 50.